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Grief Counseling 

Providing therapy for grief in Los Angeles to help process the loss of someone or something important to you.

Person wanting therapy for grief

All people will experience loss in one form or another throughout their lives.  Grief counseling can help.

Grief takes many forms. It can be the loss of a family member or loved one or the sudden departure of a cherished pet.  We can also grieve over loss in our lives- a relationship ending or a sudden departure from your job.  


Grief can feel overwhelming as we experience the hole in our lives from the loss. But it’s an important and natural part of healing. Grief only comes from the loss of someone or something we have actively loved and cherished- in some ways it can be viewed as the price we pay for having love in our lives. Therapy for grief can provide an experienced and empathetic person to help take the journey with you.

Grief counseling can help you process your grief and help you move forward when the time is right for you.

Grief is something that must be experienced in order to heal, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming as you process the loss. Our culture doesn’t value grief and loss and sometimes it can feel isolating, like you're the only one experiencing it while everyone else goes on with their lives. Having a professional experienced at therapy for grief at your side as your walk through the experience can be a huge comfort.

How Does Grief Counseling Work?

Grief often has its own timeline, so I would work collaboratively with you to be able to explore and express your feelings in a safe environment for as long as you found it helpful. Our goals would be set between us and would be flexible, with the overall goal of decreasing overwhelming feelings and feeling that you can safely maneuver around your life like you did before your loss. 

Person wanting grief counseling

Grief Counseling FAQ

What is grief counseling?

Grief counseling provides a safe space and gentle guidance for how to deal with feelings of loss that can sometimes feel overwhelming.


How does grief counseling work?

You would meet with your therapist (me) for 50 minute sessions, usually weekly.  There may also be referrals to other community or mental health based treatments, self-help or therapy groups based upon the individual circumstance.


When is therapy for grief needed?

When your feelings of loss becomes overwhelming and is interfering with your daily functions and the way you’d like to live your life and you feel like you could use some help.


How much does grief counseling cost?

Each individual session is $175.


How long does the therapy for grief process take?

The length of therapy is variable as grief has its own timeframe. The goal would be to feel better enough to maneuver through your daily life like you used to and not feeling the need for extra support.


How do I know if grief counseling is right for me?

If your loss feels overwhelming and you’re having difficulty performing day-to-day functioning or if you feel like you’d like to take time to process your loss in a space that can be dedicated towards doing so, then therapy for grief may right for you. 


How often should I have a session for grief counseling?

A typical client may start off seeing a therapist weekly and may consider coming in bi-weekly once the feelings of loss lessen.

Get Started With Grief Counseling Now

Reach out today for a free 15 minute consultation.

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