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Possible LGBTQ Therapy participants

LGBTQ Therapy

Helping queer people in Los Angeles make positive, lasting, impactful change on their lives.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer folx can face specific challenges, often stemming from societal ignorance and bigotry, that can lead to emotional distress. Supportive LGBTQ Therapy can help.

You may struggle with many of the same issues that the general population has but also may face specific challenges that exist within our community, such as coming out, transitioning, family rejection, low self-esteem stemming from a constant barrage of negative societal messaging, higher rates of addiction & substance misuse, codependency and other issues.  These issues can take a toll on you, leading to stress and maladaptive behaviors.  Fortunately, you can learn techniques and coping skills to get a handle on these challenges.

Individual therapy with a safe, community-focused LGBT therapist who gets your specific challenges and needs can help you transform your life.

Supportive LGBTQ therapy can help you meet and conquer those challenges.  Being able to work together with a collaborative LGBT therapist can help you face the issues that you feel stuck in, allowing you to start challenging old ways of thinking and generating courage to enact lasting change that propels your life into a positive direction.

LGBTQ Therapy clients celebrate for Pride

Gay-affirming therapy in Los Angeles can gives you the freedom to live your most authentic life. 

Imagine being able to release those societal bonds that have held you down for so long. It’s a freedom worth fighting for.

How Does LGBTQ Therapy Work?

As a queer identified LGBT therapist, I create a space where you won’t have to constantly explain yourself to me. You’ll work with me collaboratively and positively in a safe environment. You’ll identify your problem areas based on your personal history, set goals of what you wish to accomplish in our time together and tackle challenges such as handling difficult emotions and stressors.


What is LGBTQ Therapy?

LGBTQ-affirming therapy works through by utilizing a queer lens to examine difficulties you face, which identifies difficulties common in the community and adds cultural context which allows transformation.


How does LGBTQ Therapy work?

By creating a safe space with an expert in the gay, lesbian, trans, bi and queer community, you will feel understood and gain tools needed to challenge difficulties.


Why is a LGBT Therapist helpful?

You'll work with someone with a similar lived experience who you won't constantly have to explain your experience to. I've worked with gay, lesbian, trans, bi and queer folx my entire career and understand the particular challenges that face the community.


How much does LGBTQ Therapy cost?

A 50 minute session costs $175.


How long does the LGBTQ Therapy process take?

The length of therapy is variable, usually dictated by the challenges you choose to work on. .


How do I know if an LGBT Therapist is right for me?

LGBTQ Therapy provides a safe space with someone who gets your particular challenges.


How often should I have a session for LGBTQ Therapy?

You may start off seeing a therapist weekly and may consider coming in bi-weekly once the pain points lessen.

Get Started With LGBTQ Therapy. 

Reach out today over phone or email for a free 15 minute consultation.

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